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Re: Lighting Wattage 1990 V8Q.

Thanx, I will consider it, but chances are I will just add driving lights
instead. Any adeas how much it would cost me to get the change from the DOT to
euro, or/and what kind and how much would be good driving lights be?

Tom Nas wrote:

> >Since we are talking about euro headlights and bulbs here, can anybody tell
> >me if I can put higher watt bulbs in my as far as I can tell stock 86 5000
> >tq? Or would I have to change the entire headlight? I looks like they do not
> >have the euro pattern on the glass.
> >
> You can, but it'll likely cost you your wiring harness and your headlight
> switch.
> Better upgrade the wiring and include a relay first.
> BTW A higher-wattage bulb in a DOT light is just like hitting the screw
> with a heavier hammer- it'll work (a bit), but in the end it's better to do
> it properly.
> A good intermediate solution would be to invest in a couple of Hella
> driving lights and aim them properly. Most people go for eurolights in the
> end, though... if you intend to keep this car for a couple of years, go for
> euros.
> A good solution is to go for the 100-type single-bulb euros- they're
> cheaper than the turbo/200 lights and require only a grill swap. They're a
> vast improvement over your DOT items. Ask anyone who did the swap.
> Tom