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87 4000q [passed]

Hi Folks,
   Many thanks to the listers who responded to my last post regarding
the 4000q I was looking into purchasing for $2800. I read with humor the
responses I received, because I have just come back from looking at the
car, and many of you were right on the money. I passed on purchasing the
car. Read on if you are interested in my hour of time spent evaluating
the car. 
   So...I had the car brought inside the shop for a brief inspection.
One of the techs kept me company, and helped to point out problem areas.
I always look for "clues" as to whom the last owner was, when I look
over a used vehicle for sale. The first thing I noticed was the residue
on the fenderlips..sort of a foamy adhesive. Ah..so the PO put those
cheesy chrome fender pieces on. Not a good sign. I popped open the
engine bay, and the motor was gorgeous. Not a speck of rust, all belts
and hoses looked very good. Opening up the oil cap, I peered in to see
if there was any coking or sludge visible. Nope, looked clean. However,
the tech quickly pointed out that the hood was NOT original. Underneath
the hood panel, on the cross braces, were crude welds. He said that this
was highly suspect as Audi wouldn't leave those weld marks..and it was
likely that the hood was an aftermarket replacement. NOT good. 
I looked the body over for signs of misaligned body/trim (running your
fingers around body panels can help spot large gaps). Nope, the body
looked ok. 
   Next, the car was put on the lift. I noted:
1. Hole in exhaust
2. Aftermarket muffler
3. leaky a/c compressor
4. Possible leaky oil pan
5. Fairly recent Napa Gold oil filter.
6. New tires all the way around
7. replaced starter wires
8. Bushings look ok (better than mine anyway).

Then..I drove the car: 
1. Engine pulls strongly, brakes work well and in a straight line,
e-brake works.
2. Suspension feels a little soft, but not shot.
3. Exhaust needs major work.
4. Possible broken engine mount
5. Non functional Odometer
7. NON functional Side-mirrors
8. Non Functional Diff Locks.
9. Slight pull to the right. (misallignment)
10. Previously noted rattles and squeaks.
11. Front Speakers Disconnected. (my tech told me that the aftermarket
switches, etc were for a amplified stereo system that the PO had put
in..also not good).
12. Very dim dash lighting.

SO..I brought the car back to the lot, and turned in the keys. It was an
easy decision to make, even if the noted problems were fixed without an
increase in price. My car is currently in much better condition, and I
*know* the service history (for the most part) since my 200q was new. 

So I grabbed a copy of the latest Manheim auction report to what typical
prices are for Audis, VW's, etc. Doyt asked me what is motivating me to
look at other cars. The reason is that my 200q has been eating me alive
with maintainance costs, especially since I don't like being half-A$$ed
on repairs/maintainance. When I fix something, it has to be done right
even if that means a bit more costs involved. IF I find another car, it
will not be a replacement for the 200q but an additional vehicle. The
200q will then be driven on a regular basis (barring major $$$ failure),
but not as a daily driver. I'm looking for something cheaper to
maintain, i.e. less of those endearing personality traits and more
appliance-traits, without being a full Mr.Coffee-type vehicle. 

Now, if the 4000q had been in better shape, or at least had a full
service history, it might have still been an option. 

-Osman Parvez
89 200q, 177K Eurolights, TAP chip, Boge Turbos,  and just recently (SS
lines, MM pads, Power Disks).
Albany, NY