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wheel well clearance problem (more specific)

I wanted to clarify what wheels I bought that caused the rubbing problem. 
 I have 15 by 7 MB Motoring MB6 wheels with 205/50/R15 tires.  I'm not sure 
the offset is different, but that would explain the rubbing.  When I put 
the wheels on, it looked as though the tires would tuck into the wells 
nicely, but apperently the very edge of the lip is rubbing.  From the 
responses I got, it looks like I shouldn't attempt to roll the wells.  I 
don't want to crack the paint, I just had the car repainted.  I might go 
ahead and file down the edges.  I don't know what else to do.  The place I 
bought the wheels from said I would have no problem with clearance, I guess 
they were wrong.  I think the wheels are just barely catching, so if I file 
the edges down, it may be enough to clear.  Please write back with any 
thoughts.  Thanks.

Tom B.