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5000 Q alignment experience

A couple of weeks ago I had a 4 wheel alignment done on my 88 5000 q at
the local audi dealership. This was my first experience with an audi
dealership and i was extremely diappointed. Upon arriving at 8:30 and
giving my information, the Vin search in the system did not list a Non
turbo quattro model. I politely remarked that not many non turbo
quattro's were made and that the turbo quattro model on the pick list
should satisfy the description required. The receptionist, very offeded,
angrily said " SIR!, I've been here for 20 years I Think i would know
which model it is'' Oh well I thought, perhaps she's just having a bad
day. I was told the alignment and oil change would take about 2 1/2
hours. So I browsed around ( this was a Porsche/Audi dealership) and was
given the "You Cant afford anything here so don't talk to me" treatment
by the staff. So i sat down and patiently waiting. Around 10:30 the
service "manager" came out and iformed me that they had started the
alignment but due to a frox\zen tie rod the job will be slightly
delayed.  Fine I thought as long as they make it work. Another hour goes
by... A guy who brought his A8 in for service and new tires was in and
out in about an hour. Finally after about 3 1/2 hours i started to
complain an about 45 minutes later my car was done.  The Service Manager
came out and told me that the car was ready and offered a complimentary
wash adding that his porter is out to lunch and would be back in about
45 minutes. Though he was very polite and somewhat apologetic in his
tone I did not feel I receiced the service I deserved.  I dont think
that because i am young and not driving a "newer" Audi I should be
treated this way. I went to the dealership because i wanted the aligment
done correctly and felt that i would receive better service. To add to
my disappointement a couple weeks later while driving the car I noticed
it pulling strongly to the right.
So here is my question to my fellow Audi devotees. 1. Do you think this
treatment was fair and should I file a complaint with Audi regarding
this incident?

2. Can my cars tendency to pull to once be a result of an poor or
improper wheel alignment?
 I appreciate any advise and comments. I love Audi's. Though this is my
first one I am sure that i will buy many more in the future. Is this the
kind of service i should expect from a "premium" auto company and
Thanks In Advance
88 5ksq black 72k miles