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Re: auto up/down power windows

>I want both to work as well.  I could run the reg. motor lines up to a
>switch which could be easily mounted aft of the window switches.

>Switch would be +/- and -/+ for either one touch down and one touch up.
>Granted the one touch down/up would always be activated by the down
>position of the window switch.

Actually (if the auto function is done by a special relais, and
thus independent of what side of the switch is being used - i.e.
if you reversed the switch wiring, you'd have the same
auto-down/normal0up function as you do now, but by pushing
the switch in a reversed manner - I think this is the case...)
you could switch between having auto-up and auto-down
the way you describe it, but by switching the window
switch's pins around at the same time, you retain the normal
switch orientation, as window and switch would always be
on the same polarity, with only the auto-whatever relais
being attached one way or the other.
- if you don't have the switches in the door, this would
still work by using a relais to switch either the window
switch or the window motor polarity.
- you could make it completely transparent by having the
whole switch-around thing done as a (static or self-holding)
relais, which gets set/opened by you pushing the down/up
switch....indeed such that it would work as if you had a
factory auto up/dpwn relais, no other switching involved.