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Any preventative thoughts on short-lived '87 5kcstq Multi-Function Switch?

Hey all, I guess the subject line pretty much tells the story. I got about 10
month's life out of the last "multi-function" temperature sender/switch
assembly. Part used was from Linda so it was not from some unkown source.
There have been no coolant leaks around it so it has stayed clean and dry. Is
this just one of those "Audi-God-Roulette" things? Any thoughts towards
prolonging life? Any luck "repairing" them?

The gauge sender in this one is fine. What failed is the overheat sensor
switch has latched on resulting in both no ac compressor on and lowered boost.
I found this by following the Bentley troubleshooting guide for AC, very easy
to follow btw, and found that Ch 16 displays the state of this switch.
"Overheating"? when dead cold?! I think not--dead switch. New one on the way
from TPC along with some of that sale priced ATE blue and Pentosin (to stock
up for those over-due flushes, they are this week's specials).

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq