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RE: Oil Change Frequency with Mobil 1 synth

I normally go 6k between changes.  However for the first few oil changes
after the change over you will need to change it more frequently.  I think
it goes something like 1k, 3k, and 5k.  The synthetic will loosen up many
of the deposits left by conventional oils.  These will gunk up your filter
faster than normal.
Insert the usual disclaimers here.

Best Regards,
86 4kcsq 199k (synthetic user since 143k)

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Subject:        Oil Change Frequency with Mobil 1 synth

I recently switched to Mobil 1 synthetic 15/50 at 107k miles
Mobil 1 claims that I should change my oil every 5k miles as the owners
In the past i have used conventional oil and changed it every 3k miles.

So here's the question:

How long do you usually go between oil changes when you are using mobil 1