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Falken and General Tire Questions

>The recommended tyre rating for a vehicle is not just speed dependent,its
>also to do with the load index that the drive/suspension geometry can
>subject the tyres to. Fitting higher rated tyres than specified will not
>make a vehicle perform any better but fitting lower rated ones can have
>disastrous results - it is also technically illegal in many countries
>such as the UK and parts of Europe although I have never heard of anybody
>being prosecuted.

	I beg to differ.  Putting higher rated tires on CAn make a
difference.  I doubt you will notice a big differrence between a similar
(Size and construction and tread) V rated and Z rated tire.  BUT- it will
make a difference at the limit.  Moving from an H rated or lower to a V or
Z rated can make a huge difference.  We moved from a D-60 to a
Bridegestone RE-71 im the same size and it make a huge difference.  Softer
tread, stiffer sidewall, etc.   I have experience the same thinge on
probably 5 other cars in the last 2 years.  
	So, sorry but I beg to differ.  Get the nicer V or Z rated and get
good ones if you want performance.  IF you want 50,000 miles on the tires
then go ahead, get H rated D-60s or something.  :-)   L8R

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