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Wheel bearing same for auto and manual 200?


I've been calling around for new wheel bearings for my
crummy 200t 1990 model. SKF have the bearing going for
about $20 (as opposed to $120 from the agents!). However,
the don't have the OE part number and simply list it as
kit 105 sealed bearing. They say same for auto and manual.
The Parts Connection indicate 441 407 625A for manual and
443 407 625A for auto 100 and 200. Switachable? Doesn't
the xx1 and xx3 indicate transmission on the type-44 and
the 625A just the part in subsystem 407?

$40 is pretty good for a named brand bearing, right? No way
I'm paying $240 for new bearings. Besides, I've figured out
the pricing versus aftermarket availability of the Audi
agents. If the part is ridiculously priced then it is
available from a auto parts store, otherwise it would be
"reasonably" priced from the agents only. Rear rotors are
like that, and front rotors as well, rears are expensive but
can be bought at a parts store, fronts are agents only in
this country and not available from a parts store and cost
about the same as importing. :) No flames on this please,
it only applies to some parts I've seen.

Who makes the bearings for the Audi cars?



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