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RE: Sport quattros

Dave writes:
>however, i still consider the best route to a ur-sport is to get dialynx to
>make one from your wr-donor car, and transfer a 20vt/torsen into it. as
>by the dialynx folks for the car tested in audi driver (v2/2).  you will
>a better handling/driving car for a faction of the outlay, and be able to
>tweak it to your hearts content without screwing the re-sale price. 

The problem with the dialynx ur-q conversion is that the proportions
are wrong. There are too many subtle differences between the ur-q
and the sport, so you just can't cut 320mm from the rear seats
and have it look like a sport q. The angle of the windshield isn't 
correct, the doors are too long, the angles of the C pillar aren't 
correct, etc.

Dave Lawson