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RE: Re: Rear Brake Options - '83 Ur-Q (slide pins)

> calipers was with the help/leverage of a pair of vice grips. Since then I
> have
> taken to, whenever I have a wheel off, spraying a bit of lubricant under
> the
> boots. Not sure if that's working or not. If someone does come up with the
> perfect lube for these, I'd like to hear.
Kano Labs ... the folks that make Kroil penetrating oil ... also have a
product called Molylube ... it is a dry, molybdenum-based lubricant that I
have used for quite some time without problems.  Living in California, I
don't know how bad it can be in the harsher climes, but this works for me so
I thought I'd pass it along.  I found out about Kano Labs via bingo cards
many years ago.  I haven't dealt with them since, so I don't know if they
have a WWW site or not.  Perhaps I should look them up as I'll be needing
more Kroil soon ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)