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new tires installed but not aligned

	america's tire did ok on the mounting and balance.  there
	is still a little pull to the left driving, and i went to 
	a place called all tire to get the alignment done.  they 
	noticed some loseness in the rack, and told me that the 
	bushings were on the way out and if they aligned the car
	it would just become quickly un-aligned anyway.  so i left
	without alignment, but it was nice to have them tell me
	this rather than spend the $70 only to have it go out 

	so i guess i should get those four bushings replaced, eh?
	i am kinda broke now, though, so i am going to have to drive
	it for a while like this, unfortunately.  

	also i noted that the boot on the front right shock is
	broken and all shoved down at the nottom of the thing.
	definately a bummer, as neither of these repairs seem to
	be of the sort that i have the wherewithall to attempt.

	looking at he belts, hoses, boots everywhere, i really 
	have the urge to renew everything on the car.  i just don't
	have the fundage.

	what else...?  it was nice to get under the car, though all
	that does is let me see various places where it appears that
	oil is leaking.  blah.  changing over to mobil 1 next week
	though, so maybe i'll have some more leaks to play with.

	anyway, see some of you tomorrow, bright and early.
 rocky mullin
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