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RE: RE: 90'CQ-Hyd Prsr Accmltr Prblms

From:   Craig Krivin [COMPUSERVE:ckrivin]
Sent:   Thursday, November 26, 1998 10:55 PM
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Subject:        RE: 90'CQ-Hyd Prsr Accmltr Prblms

I've been wondering about the Bomb on my '91 90Q 20V as well.  I performed
a number of the tests that you all recommended with inconclusive results. 
I also topped off the pentosin, and had an assistant do a couple of full
lock to lock turns with pentosin cover off hoping to remove any air in the
system.  The "brake" light was still lighting for 1-2 mins at each start
from cold.  The colder the outside air, the longer the light appeared. 
Well, I just had a 4 wheel brake job done (new pads and rotors from "Best
Buy" of Ottawa) and did normal bleed of brake fluid, but that's all.  The
light is not lighting any more.  I've heard that the "brake" light can
simply be due to pads that are worn.....

From:   "Daily,DerekSJMCG" <DDaily@sjmcb.mitsui.com>
Date:   Tue, 24 Nov 1998 16:35:57 -0800
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Subject:        RE: 90'CQ-Hyd Prsr Accmltr Prblms
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I'm pretty sure that my bomb is needing a replace, but the pulsating
sensation is likely a combination of the ABS kicking in and warped rotors
Recent replace of RHD ABS sensor eliminated the pulsing brake pedal and
steering wheel.  BUT, it's ba-a-aa-ack.
Pentosin flush of reserviour improved pump>red light times, but this
evaporated also.
Basically I've decided the whole set-up sucks....any takers.
Derek Daily
90 CQ

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> From: Peter Tracy [SMTP:ptracy@ekbos.com]
> My experience with changing the pressure accumulator recently in my '90
> Q20V
> sedan is similar. I replaced the pump and the noise and leaking went
> I
> never had pulsating brakes. Could that be a rotor that needs turning?

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