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Report from fun city

Back in town from three rainy, cold days in New York City - burial detail,
unfortunately, and spent the (plenty) of spare time I had Audi spotting.

Not as many as in Seattle last week, a few very beat-up 5Ks, including some
parked along Grand Concourse in the Bronx - not the nicest area any more -
a couple of 4Ks, also pretty tired looking.

Friday found me at 250 Park Avenue, Marine Midland Bank (which does NOT
have a rest room available for customers - obviously they just want your
money and not any of your sh*t, thank you very much . . .), and right next
door is . . . AUDI OF NEW YORK!!!

Hot damn! While you're in the bank, I'll just run next door and drool a
little . . . 

And they were locked up tight, obviously too busy to bother with mere
customers on the day after Thanksgiving - too much turkey, I guess, and I
honestly don't know if the turkeys were the eaten or the eaters.

Dark colored A-8 in the showroom, maroon A-4 avant with 5 spoke wheels, A-6
avant in dark green - pure lust! Couple of other cars, and since they were
closed (!), no brochures to show for it. Also a guy standing on a soap box
in the median of Park Avenue ranting about the impending doom of the
Philistines and Sybarites of New York - think he knows something we don't?
Wonder why he picked *THAT* location?

Also saw a cabrio with Maine plates, looking VERY lost.

Glad to be back in Florida!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman