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Re: Bosch Platinum's BOO! HISS!

>Don't do it.  There evidently problems with platinum plugs in 20v
>with the plugs designated by Audi.Chris.On 28 Nov 1998, Christopher Gharibo
>wrote:> What's the experience out there with trialing the new Bosch
>plugs on> Audi engines, and in the 20Vs in particular.> > Chris

Bosch Platinum plugs have whats called "low voltage ark-over"

In other words, it takes less ignition voltage to make them spark.
In older cars with worn ignitions, vacuum leaks, etc, these plugs
"mask" symptoms and problems.

On ignition systems that operate at a really high voltage, the little
platinum piece "erodes away" quickly, and starts causing problems!

My CGT literally "eats" Bosch Platiniums within 500 miles!

Purchase the Bosch Copper or Silvers.  They last much longer!

Even the 3 prong Bosch plugs are better than the Plat's!