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Re: All things German

DOUBLDz@aol.com wrote:
> A friend of mine is going to Germany on Monday for two weeks.
> She'll be around Hamburg. I was just wondering if there's
> anything (Audi) I should ask her to bring back for me.
> Dee
> 95A6q pearl

Everything that isn't nailed down !!!    :<)

Honestly, prices seem really high over there
based on what I've seen in my '98 D&W catalog.
Phone number for the one in Hamburg is
040/68 28 79 27 and fax 040/68 28 79 40

Address and name of company
D&W Center Hamburg
Bosch Dienst
Johann Müller GMBH & Co.KG
Rüterstrasse 20-25
22041 Hamburg am Wandsbeker Markt

'86 4KCSQ