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Well, fellow listers, it's been fun.  But some good things must end.  As
you know, I am the proud owner of a '84 Audi 4000 which was my first and
as of right now, my only Audi, and I am going to have to get rid of it. 
My family just purchased a new '99 Suburban.  Very nice though.  Well,
that means I am going to have to get rid of the car because my dad is
giving me his '89 black, 350, 5.7L, dual exhaust chevy pickup.  Great
truck, but I am going to miss the Audi.  I don't know if I am going to
stay on the list much longer.  Well, if anyone is interested in the car,
you can e-mail me privately for more info.  But, just so you know, we are
going to put the motor back in and have it running before we sell it to
anyone.  The car is going to go pretty cheap though.  Just thought the
list should know.  

'84 Audi 4000

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