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4kq radiator shrouds, door handles

Howdy all.

I decided that the long weekend would be a fine time to replace the radiator
in my '86 4kcsq. And since I was already in there I removed the A/C condenser,
drier and compressor from the dead-since-before-I-bought-the-car A/C system.

Imagine my suprise when I discover that the Bentley manual thought I should
have an upper radiator shroud. Imagine my further surprise when the
water-logged cardboardish lower radiator shroud disintegrated in my hands(can
you say "like a wet paper towel?") when I attempted to remove it.

Are there any aftermarket sources of more robust radiator shrouds? For that
matter, the Bentley says that only A/C equipped cars are equipped with lower
shrouds(presumably to attempt to compensate for the condenser blocking
airflow to the radiator)... can anyone confirm this? 

Also, when I got done with this repair job, I discovered that the driver's
exterior door handle was no longer functional(conservation of broken car
parts). Could someone out there send me some sage advice on this procedure?
Yeah, I'm an Audi neophyte... it's my first door handle...

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