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Re: What is the best Thermostat temp?

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Zsolt Kovacs wrote:

> This is my 4th Audi (this time an 86 5k CD tq) but they all did that. The
> temperature ranged between about 80C-110C depending on outside temperature, and
> driving conditions. I am also curious to get an answer from someone with more
> experience why that is. I had an old MB 200. Once it warmed up the temp guage
> didn't move. Why does the Audi's?

	I agree.  My old Jeep Cherokee, our old Van, my 65' Buick, even
our old Fuego Turbo stayed the same.  Yet every older Audi I know of does
this flucuation thing.  That is a good question why they do this.  I know
my friends VW Jetta does this too.  I wonder if the way the thermostat
works just seems to be all or nothing than other cars.  I really have no
idea though.  L8R