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A4 turbo and type-44 200 share same front rotor?


Once again on a hunt for a local supplier of 276mm rotors
for the 1989-1991 200 turbo. Midas store shows Alfa rotors
for the A4 TURBO as being the same part number for the
200. Is this correct?

Since there is only one A4 TURBO (1.8T) I reckon they're
talking about that one. Part number listed for the A4 is
447 615 301B, which is the same for the 200, but I need
confirmation from knowledgeable folks on this issue. The
200 (Audi Turbo) isn't even listed, only the 100 2.2E
turbo and that shows a 254mm rotor.

Good news though, managed to find a aftermarket water pump
for the MC motor in this country! :) Another step away from
the agents!



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