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RE: OK you hotdogs...here is a diagnosis problem

If you don't want "approximate reasoning", then put down your money and have
an Audi tech diagnose it, instead of demanding answers from people who
weren't there and have never seen your car.

Rob Winchell
91 200Q

P.S. I'll guess fuel pump.

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> Subject: OK you hotdogs...here is a diagnosis problem
> I am not interested in approximate reasoning. A lot of you guys fail to
> nail the problem. Just talk around the periphery. I am looking for the
> precise cause. That means you have to stick your neck out and
> pick the most
> likely possibility.
> Car: 84 5k
> We drop someone off at LAX about 8 am for a 9:15 am flight from LA to NY.
> It's a balmy day, such as we are accustomed to in the City of the Angels.
> We turn off the ignition, open the trunk and remove some luggage.
> We close
> the trunk. Then we get back in the driver's seat and turn the ignition.
> Engine cranks but won't start. We try and retry, but the car won't start.
> The airport police are getting ansy, itching to finger their
> walkie talkies
> to call for a tow. We are getting very embarrassed. We open the hood and
> look around. Isn't that what you do when a car won't start? We
> see nothing
> out of the ordinary. Then we start to think. What events preceded this
> calamity? Maybe something to do with removing the luggage? So we open the
> trunk and slam it shut. We return to driver seat and turn the
> ignition. The
> car starts instantaneously. The airport cops relax their fingers on the
> transmit button. Some guy comes over and offers sage advice. "Must have
> been vapor lock, huh?" I shrug, give him a sheepish grin and drive off.
> OK. Who out there can put their finger on the exact reason the car failed
> to start?