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Re: S4 Bose Stereo Question

I'm having a Sony deck (40 watt/channel) put in my '93 90CSQ right now. The
guys at the shop (I trust them) told me that all they had to do was run high
power wire to the exsisting speakers and bypass the built in amplifiers.
They said there would be no problem doing it this way (aside from the
additional installation charges for running wire out to the doors...) and
that the sound quality shouldn't be hurt by it. We'll see for sure this

Rob Lloyd
'93 90CSQ

>Hi Listers...  I have a question about the Bose system in my 1994 S4.  I
>want to upgrade to a better head unit and I'm willing to relinquish the
>digital readout on the dash board for an in dash CD (Eclipse head unit)  My
>question is about the amplified Bose speaker system.  As most Eclipse decks
>are amplified or even considered "high power"  how will this effect the
>sound quality, or better yet can I use a powered deck at all?  I cant
>find anything on this in the Bentley, so I leave it to the pro's on the
>list.  Any help greatly appreciated!!
>1994 S4 (Currently ill)