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Re: Smokin V8!

Actually, I was referring to the one that is barely visible with no
disassembly at the front of the engine, below the intake manifold, to the
driver's side (US) of the ISV.  One can only see one end of it heading

". ." wrote:

>  Roland Broberg <broberg@execpc.com> writes:
> >How did you change that without pulling the mainfold, or did you?
> >Roland
> >> .... a breather hose under the plastic engine cover which connectd
> >> the two heads.
> "All" you have to remove is the air cleaner and it's right
> there.  The air cleaner assembly can be a PITA sometimes,
> it's an unnecessarily complicated setup.  Team doorhandle
> must have designed it in their spare time.
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