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transaxle woes

I'm considering buying a 1980 Audi 80 with the 4 and a bad automatic
transmission or transaxle from a wrecking yard.  It's a very nice body,
but is cheap because of the mechanical problem.

I am wondering if the automatic section of the transaxle is the generic
VWAG three speed, and can be replaced with one that I have on hand from
a VW golf.

The other thing which I have in mind, is whether or not an engine
transplant from an '86 5000 turbo is feasible.  I also have this on
hand, from a complete car that I own which was collision damaged. I have
a good shop with lift, lots of tools and time, and have lots of
experience with VW repair.  However, I'm in Iowa, and the local wrecking
yards don't have too many Audis, and know nothing about  what they do
have in most cases.  This makes getting certain specific parts that I
might need for this swap difficult.  The good side of this is, that the
cars are considered "orphans" and go cheap.  I have a nice Audi 5000
turbo that I bought with a minor problem for $500.  I love it!!!

Can the collective knowhow of the list please adivise me on this?  Thank

Chuck Hill

Busses, Vanagons, 83 Coupe, 87 4000 Quattro, 87 5000 wagon, 85 5000