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Driving lights

I know this has been covered before, but here's a question I would like
some opinions on. I decided not to change my headlights to Eu. spec
ones, because it would cost me CDN$800. Insted I'm just going to install
a pair of driving lights that are good on the highway, but I can leave
them on when following someone. Kind of like a second pair of low beams
(but good ones). What do you guys recommend I should get. I'm
considering somwhere around 6" in diameter round Hella's or Bosh. An
import autoparts guy I just talked to is recommending me Bosh because
according to hime the silver coating of the Bosh is superior to all
other. He says Cibie is the only other manufacturer who has that kind. I
think I would still prefer Hella. Any advice?