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Re: inner tie rods

In a message dated 98-12-02 19:27:46 EST, driley@tqs.com writes:

<< my problem is with the
 right front.  The adjusting mechanism is frozen to the outer and absolutely
 will not come free.  It appears there was a running change in 1986 to all
 models right front at VIN G 160000.  4kq tie rod assemblies before this VIN
 are easily and cheaply available aftermarket (P/N 811 419 802J).  My VIN is
 G 181754, well after the change.  This tie rod is only available from the
 dealer and runs $130 at Carlsen (P/N 811 419 802K).  >>

I'd ask for a second opinion. That 802J tierod is the correct replacement part
for all 4000q. The 802K is for the Vw Quantum Syncro wagon, hence the
rarity/price issues. The inner rod ends on a 4000q hardly ever go bad, but a
frozen adjuster mechanism would make the rod junk. You could spend time/effort
trying to remove or free up the frozen adjuster, but it sounds wiser to go
with the new one.

Hope this helps,
Chris Semple
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