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Re: Audi SUV

Avi Meron writes:
> This information is from Automotive News:
> Audi will not make an SUV, instead it will make an "all terrain AWD car (or
> station wagon)", the new vehicle will have an air suspension which will
> allow it to maintain the correct suspension height in all driving
> conditions.

Yeah, it's called the "allroad quattro" and a prototype had already
made the rounds in various shows, and featured in most car magazines.
It's based on the A6 Avant body but has a pneumatic suspension that
allows the ride height to be adjusted by the driver to three settings
(also automatically lowers when speed is increased or when ignition
if shut off).  The front/rear bumpers have been redesigned to "toughen up"
the look a little and the roof has ribs.  The headlights, grille and
wheels are also different than the stock A6's.

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