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Re: Type-44 5k with TDI engine?

Eyvind Spangen writes:
> [ Swapping a I5 TDI engine into a 5000 ]

I think that getting the TDI engine to sit on the right mounts and
mate to the transmission is the least of your worries.  The hard
part is to get the electronics to work.  The TDI has a completely
different fuel injection and engine management system than the 5000's
CIS.  The ECU and wiring is all different, as are the fuel system
components, lines, pumps, filters, etc.  The intake and exhaust plumbing
are all different too.  This would be a very expensive and time consuming
swap, and the only feasible way that it can be done is to transplant
*everything* from the donor car.

That said, the question is why go the TDI route when a good I5
turbo engine can be swapped in more easily and makes more power...

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