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Re: an idea about my boost problem

Michael Williams wrote:

> 3. the intake to turbo hose--this is
> what i think the problem is.  I took a look at it, it seems to be the
> proper type...it looks just like a normal coolant hose, just much
> larger...but the thing is that i can easily squeeze it and make it
> collapse by hand with almost no pressure.

You just found your gremlin.  That hose is collapsing under the suction
of the turbo trying to get enough air to provide 6+ psi of boost to an
engine turning more than 4000rpms.

BTETFI.  (been there, experienced that, fixed it)

One option that I've heard of people doing is to replace that hose with
a piece of metal pipe and just use some short sections of rubber hose
and clamps to connect it to the intake spout and down by the turbo.



'85 turbo GT coupe
'84 4kq