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RE: MC/kh/ distributors same

> << 	I have a KH turbo motor and am wondering if the distributor is the
>  same as the MC motor?  I know it is different than the 4kq unit I think
>  since 4kq uses Vacuum advance but dont know about MC.  Also, what about
>  the UR-Q distributor.  Will it work too? >>
> The ur-q dist(WX) is different from the MC in the shaft length, hence
> no-go
> for a swap. I'm not sure on the KH, but if the shafts are the same length,
> I'd
> bet it'd work just fine.
... I'm not so sure ... but I don't know for a fact ... tread cautiously.
The two may be mechanically the same, but I thought that the KH still had 5
windows for the hall sender.  Even if it didn't, I do know that the timing
window on the WX is different from that in the MC, so that may also be true
for the KH ...

I suppose that if they were mechanically the same you could always
transplant parts from one to the other ... but I've never been able to
remove the "shutter" from the distributor shaft without damaging it ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)