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Re: MC/kh/ distributors same

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Gary G. Erickson wrote:

> So I'd give a cautious "Yes, it should work" with the disclaimer that
> I'd only try it if the part numbers match.
> Todd, what's the part number on the distributor you have?  I'm sure we
> can get somebody (or hell, I'll do it) to run out and check the part
> number of their MC distributor.

	I dont have it.  That is the one part my Turbo KH is missing.  The
local Bone Yard just got in a 5ktq and I hope to go pull the motor this
sunday but if I cant, I was wondering if the distributor would work as
atleast i would have a complete motor then.  I think I will go ahead and
get the distributor and plug the hole so maybe later I can pull the motor
if no-one else does.  Hope to get G-60 brakes too.  Very cheap stuff there
(U-pull-it-yourself-yard).  Anyhow, thanks for the confirmation Gary.