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Re: Type-44 5k with TDI engine?

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998 14:45:35 -0800 , you wrote:

>Very good points Ti ... but with the possible exceptions of eliminating the
>catalytic converter and having to convert the fuel system to diesel, it
>would seem to me that in reality those same issues (engine management,
>exhaust system, intake plumbing) would need to be addressed even with a
>turbo swap.  I assumed the reason that the TDI was suggested is that this is
>a European car ... where I5 turbos may be less available and much more
>expensive than here in the USA ...

That's excactly the point. The turbo engines are hard to find in
reasonable condition, and they are too expensive for me. With a
gasoline price of about $1.50 per liter, when the diesel is $.75 is
also an important point. The TDI engines are pretty common, and
they're not cheap, but a lot cheaper than the turbo gasoline engine..