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foggy windows/rack q's 87 5kcsqw

Hey guys........
RE 87 5kcsqw    vent under glove box.
Yes mine was stuck open, the spring dangling from the vent flap, so I
closed it!  Question
Where does the other end of the spring attach to?

Second... seat heaters don't work,  fuse is ok, any cheap fixes?

Third... the crappy Winston tires that came on my car seem to have loose
threads in the tire
the steering wheel goes back and forth at low speeds and pulls one way,
rotated the tires, the car pulls the other way,  I am positive its the
tires, but I guess my question is Could this be a problem due to a bad
Oh... and new tires are in the works.

Any info is greatly appreciated
Dan Hamren
87 5000 cs quattro wagon  AKA  the "stabin cabin"  142,000 miles