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Re: Keyless entry successfully retrofitted for '98 A4

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, Rob Lloyd wrote:

> >
> >A report in the UK press suggests that the infra-red port on the
> >PalmPilot III can be reprogrammmed to 'fool' the IR receptors on many
> >cars, and that the software is freely available in criminal circles.
> >
> then could I get it to LOCK the car, I never got it to UNLOCK the car.
> Remember, you have to get the code before you can use it, so it would be
> difficult to use a Pilot to break into ANY keyless Audi. There are probably
> about as many IR codes as there are physical keys, so I wouldn't worry too
> much.

Add to this code hopping and such deterrents, you aren't going to be using
the PIII to spoof any smart-ish alarms.  I'm not certain what the A4
standard alarm, but anymore, aftermarket jobbies such as Alpine, DEI,
Clifford, etc., this approach will not work.


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