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Re: 15x7.5 rims on 4kq?

As Pat Martin replied to me back in July98:
I have the 205/45/16'a and I have no clearance problems.  The biggest 
thing to be careful of is offset.  You need to make sure that the offset on a 7"
wheel is no less than 35mm and 40 on a 7.5" wheel.  You may even have a problem
with those depending on tire model.  The d60's do not come in that size but
there are plenty of high performance or even mid performance tires that
would do well for summer driving.  Depends on whether you are going to hit the
track anytime soon.

My quickie offset calculator tells me that going from the stock 14x6 et35
to 15x7.5 et37 gives these results:

1) The clearance from stut housing to the inside of the wheel will be 11mm
2) The outside edge of the wheel will EXTEND an extra 27mm

Pat tells us that a 7.5" wheel is a bit of a "stuff" on a 4kq ... grab
'em, mount 'em, and see what happens :).

On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, Dan Simoes wrote:

> Usually you see 15x7, right?  My BIL just got a set of ACT
> rims, 15" x7.5", 37mm offset.  These should work with a 4kq
> or 90q right?  I imagine you might need to go a bit wider on the
> tire though.
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