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4kq H4 install

Many thanks to everyone that helped with the H4 bulb info.  Including, but
not limited to Phil Payne and Huw Powell...

And as for the lights themselves, thanks to Scott J. for selling 'em to

As to the lighting... WWWOOOWWW!  I can see at night.  Well, my DOT lenses
were nice and fresh still.  They worked _okay_, better than the other
4kq's I've driven.  But still, they make an extreme difference.  The light
is so _white_!  Standard Philips H4 55/60 or so bulbs.  I'll stick with
these for now cause I'm so happy.

As Ferris sez, if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up
(in this case, a set).  I don't even want to know what the H4/H1 setup is
like :).

Thanks... more details will be going on my web page for interested parties
doing the same swap.

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