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Re: 86 4kq dies while moving


    An off-the -wall suggestion - I've heard of a similar problem caused by
a rag in the gas tank. It plugs the fuel pump pick-up, car quits, rag floats
away, car starts and runs fine until rag plugs the pick-up again. You
haven't been using one of those "good ol' boy" fabric fuel filler caps, have
you? :o)

Fred Munro
'91 200q  263k km
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Date: Thursday, December 03, 1998 11:54 AM
Subject: 86 4kq dies while moving

>My 86 4kq developed a problem of dying as I was driving. This happened
>the last 3 times I drove it. It has been at the dealer's repair shop for
>almost a week and they tell me they can't find the problem. At first they
>had run it on a lift for several hours without the engine quiting. Then
>they test drove it for well over 1/2 hours and still no problem. Finally,
>it did stall out on a test drive. They cannot as yet find the problem
>because it is intermittent. The car has 234+ k miles on it and has been
>serviced faithfully on schedule by the same dealer. No one else ever
>worked on the car. The service writer told me the car runs very well with
>no signs of any problems - except of course when it dies. When it quits
>it may or may not start up right away.
>I realize no one can give me an answer to this problem. However, if
>anyone has had the same problem and discovered the solution I would
>greatly appreciate hearing from you. Obviously, I can go the route of
>replacing parts one by one but that can be very costly as well as
>frustrating.  Also, it is very dangerous to drive the car in this
>condition since it just dies without any warning whatsoever (e.g. no
>vibration, engine cough, etc.).
>Thanks in advance for any insights.
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