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RE: Subject: Pirelli P700Z experience?

Rich wrote:
> Does anyone out there have or had Pirelli P700Z tires on there Audi?
> They are reasonably priced... $72 each at Discount tire....
> Listed as a High perforance tire V rated.....
> Any thought before I buy em???
I wrote:

Don't do it. They Suck!  I put 4 on my wife's 100SW (Non-Q)about 18 months
ago and I just replaced them with 4 Dunlops (A much better tire).  Luckily,
I bought them at Sears and they prorated them with no hassle.  The
"Squarelli's" wore very poorly for a tire that is "all-season and a medium
compound".  I don't remember exactly but the Dunlop's were similar in price.

My $.02