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Non Audi Content: Win95/NT4.0 question

Sorry Ed can't help with that one.

But I'm sure that my mom would want you to say hello from her to yours. I
hope that you had a nice xmas and will have a good year. Funny story below:

mandatory Audi content:  Small story about mom's A6 -
	Phone call from Mom- " Tim something is wrong with this Audi "YOU GOT ME"
(like I bought 						her the 95 A6!)
			me - "What's the problem mom?"
			mom  - "There is some weird symbol on the display screen in the dash."
			me - "Well what did the owner's manual say the symbol was?"
			mom - "What owner's manual?"
			me - "Let me talk to dad."
			me - "What's the symbol dad?"
			dad - "Brake light symbol - I looked it up on in the owners manual. Can
				come over and look at it?"
			me - "OK"
			me at there house looking at blown brake light bulb - "Yep - need a new
				"Guess they didn't teach you much at MIT huh?"
			dad - "Not funny - Do I need to take this to the dealer to have it
			me - "Just for asking that question  - YES"

Happy New Year