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Re: V8Q Hall Sender question.

In a message dated 12/5/98 6:01:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, cobram@juno.com

<< While kind of on the subject, when I changed the timing
 belt on the V8Q, I forgot to plug the distributor back
 in.  I drove around with the hall sender disconnected for
 about a week, only thing I noticed was a very slight loss
 of power and a bit of surging.  I'm still wondering why
 the thing ran at all, no warning lights, nothing.  Is
 disconnecting the Hall sender something you can do on
 all Motronic units and still have the car run?  I'm 
 guessing it defaults to some preset program in lieu
 of the hall signal. >>
BCNU- Interesting-- I have always assumed the dealer told me the truth (that
it was the Hall sensor). It was a strained discussion because I had just been
presented a bill for over $1k to diagnose  and repair a bad distributor. All
this occured before I retired and had time to do my own work. It was also
before Q list. Come to think of it I very seldom got a straight answer from
the dealer,so why believe the hall sensor story now.
Frank Santoro