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RE: S4 Vs. S6

5 Speed wagons are rare.  Available up to '95.  Dropped in '96.  No S-4
wagons were made, only in the S-6.  Also rare.  Good Luck.  I'm also looking
for a 5 speed wagon, preferably near NYC and in Grenn w/Ecru. Anyone know of
any for sale?? 

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> Sent:	Sunday, December 06, 1998 4:37 PM
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> Subject:	S4 Vs. S6
> I am looking to purchase a QW, 92-96 body style, 5 spped only.
> I know that they stopped making 5 speed wagons around 94, are there S4 and
> S6 wagons from that era?
> What are the differences between S4 and S6.
> Thanks
> Stuart Friedman

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