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Re: 1990 V8 transmission differential vibration

WHITEPATCH@aol.com writes:

>There's this noise/vibration near the driver's footwell, 
>that comes randomly (at various speeds and rpm, most times 
>around 20 mph @ 2k rpm), when i accelerate.  If i let go 
>off the gas pedal, it disappears, when i gas up again
>at times it comes back, other times it doesn't.  
>I don't think its the transmission and i'm pretty 
>sure something's vibrating against the bottom of
>the car that's causing it.  Also, when it happens, 
>the car surges a little and there's this faint whining 
>sound. Your help would be appreciated.

Check your motor mounts and tranny mounts.  Depending
on the type of vibration, it could also be caused by
the exhaust, if not installed just right or with bad
mounts, it has a tendency to hit the rear crossbar. 



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