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No start 5tqw

    Thank you for the input on my problem.  No fix yet.  Here is the
Once again great cold start and great immediate hot restart but an 1/2
hour to 1 hour after you shut it off, forget it.  Crank, Crank, Crank.

1.   No vacuum problems.  I have replaced the usual rotten hoses over
the past few months so everything checks out OK.  The car passes the
dipstick and oil cap test.  It idles very well hot or cold once it is

2.  I don't really know how to test a hall sendor or distributor.  I
pulled #1 spark plug and the spark was good and the plug was dry.  I
don't know what the voltage is supposed to be, but it looked good.

3.  Fuel distributor action is good.  I should say it feels like every
other Audi I have had.  As the engine is cranking and cranking I lift
the air flow plate from below with my hand.  Nothing.  Not even a
sputter.  Now once the engine has cooled down enough to start and is
running,  if I lift the air flow plate the car chokes, as you would
expect.  I do not have a fuel pressure gauge so I guess an appointment
at the local Audi dealer is an order.

4.  I have not tried jumper cables for extra voltage while cranking
yet.  I will be interested to see what happens there.

5.  If I have leaky injectors or a bad fuel pump check valve,  wouldn't
the car eventually start after enough cranking?  It won't even fire
after running the fuel pump output check.  Wouldn't that build up
pressure again?

Otherwise when the car is running it runs fantastic.  Hot or cold.  Not
fault codes.  Smooth.  1.4 to 1.5 bar on stock setup.

I will keep you posted and any other suggestions would be great?   I
fear I am headed to a frustrating experience at the Audi service

Colin Hames
'86 5tqw
'98 Passat 1.8T