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Re: '93 90CS Questions for all the experts out there (long)

>Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 09:48:10 -0600
>From: Jason A Whyte <Jason.Whyte@dreco.com>
>Subject: '93 90CS Questions for all the experts out there (long)
>My car is back from the local dealer after a month of accident related
>repairs.  The body work is excellent and virtually undetectable that
>there's fresh paint only on the front end.  Put on your thinking caps, I
>have more questions for you:

Good luck with that paint.  Someone backed into my car 3 years ago and the
paint has never been the same.  I hope you have better luck.

>1.  Is there any way of controlling the amount of power assist to the
>steering?  My 90's have always had relatively light steering which is
>fine in the parking lot, but too light at highway speeds.  Is there any
>way of making an adjustment to the system?

Our US cars have speed sensitive steering.  This is supposed to decrease the
boost at highway speeds.  But the cars are still overboosted.  I recall that
someone posted about 3-4 years ago, how to defeat the electronically
controlled boost.  But, I don't recall the details, anyone??

>2.  My car (72k on it) recently received a tune-up, but it's hesitating
>a bit in the mornings when it's cold (here in Houston, cold is 48).  It
>clears up in minutes, but there's definitely something wrong.

Have you tried fuel injector cleaner?  I had a problem around 30-40K miles
and I started using Techron (which I used in my other vehicle).  FWIW, I
haven't had hesitation problems in years.

>3.  The four speed auto transmission seems to lag a bit.  There's a
>couple second delay between shifting into a drive or reverse gear and
>the transmission actually engaging.  Also, when starting from a stop,
>the torque converter seems to have to spin a bit as the engine RPM
>increases before you really start to go.  Otherwise, shifting, etc. is
>Audi smooth.  Are these just normal characteristics of this
>transmission, or could it need some maintenance?  Maybe a transmission
>fluid issue?

Unfortunately, our Audi has lagged since day one.  It took some getting used
to but..  However, I am having a different transmission problem then you.
When it is shifting into the lock-up converter the shifting becomes erratic,
and requires high revs to shift up and when the revs drop it changes down
the gear in a harsh manner.  Monday I will have a transmission service done.
We'll see if it makes a difference.

Daniel    (93 90CS, 86K)