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Buying advice

Hi folks -

Just joined and didn't see anything in the archive on this (forgive me if 
I missed it).

I'm looking at buying a mid-80s quattro and was hoping someone could give 
me some tips on what to look for and what to avoid as I know little about 
Audis. The car won't be a daily driver and will be cheap (sub-$1000). I'm 
looking for something to use as a performance TSD rally car. Can't take 
any more risks with my other AWD car.

I've talked with a fellow who has an `86 4000 for sale, specifically. 
>From our phone conversation, it has an electrical problem (relatively 
minor - left side parking lights and the speedometer light don't work), 
needs front struts, has an occasional skip in the power steering pump, 
needs a heavy hand to get the heater to work and has only one 
malfunctioning door and window. Rust is limited to a door, a quarter 
panel and the driver side A pillar, according to my notes.

Is there a web site with info on older quattro's?


-mark johnson