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Re: Fiche question

In message <l03020902b29954e93852@[]> Tom Nas writes:

> A rather strange question: what do Audi and VW use fiches for? Are they
> parts lists or repair manuals?

Parts microfiche are clear film with black lettering.

Service microfiche are white-on-black with green borders and titles.

The Bentley manuals are a simplified translation of the microfiche, with
some omissions.  Both fiche and Bentley assume prior knowledge of Audi
technology and access to other Audi documentation.  For example, the
ur-quattro (MB) fiche contain several references to "Audi 200, Repair
Group nnn" for the Torsen differential.

Haynes assumes no prior knowledge, and contains some useful stuff (such
as the exact measurements for drilling out a steering lock) that Audi's
own stuff doesn't have.

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