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Re: 91 V8Q - Soot in Tail Pipe

Replace oxygen sensor.  When they fail or get fouled, the system will
to rich to keep from damaging engine.  This causes the soot.  It could
also cause the hesitation (along with spark plugs that are probably as
sooty as the tailpipe.)
(This my diagonosis from here in Wyoming.  I could be wrong but
it's easy enough to find out.)
Good luck,

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On Sun, 13 Dec 1998 06:56:37 EST JCMosko@aol.com writes:
>I am a relatively new owner(two weeks) of 91V8Q with 91K miles.  Love 
>the car
>and want to keep it running well. Notice that there is some black soot 
>in the
>tailpipe.  Is this normal?  Car does not appear to be burning oil.    
>There is
>a very slight hesitation on acceleration.   Otherwise, get it to 
>4000rpm and
>say goodbye to the stoplight.
>Already have back roadtrip planned with a friend with a dodge viper 
>who likes
>to drive fast.  Has to wait till spring since if snow hits, he become 
>a little
>red sled which slides into the nearest stationary object.
>Spent part of yesterday waxing  the outside and treating the leather 
>Christmas carols since this was my present to myself.
>97 Econoline Conversion - luxury team transporation
>90V8Q - dad's fun and luxury to boot

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