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Re: 4kcsq T-belt?

I think that trying to use the cars drivetrain to hold the crank while
applying 300+ ft lbs of torque would likely break something. There are
some cheater methods to holding the crank without the special tool. I'm
not clear on how they work, I just use the locking tool.
P.S. Depending on the mileage, you should consider a new idler pulley as
well. Do not use the fastening bolt to pull the new idler home. Oil pump
damage will result.

IraT@aol.com wrote:
> Water pump on my '86 4kcsq is on its way out.  Since I will be that close to
> timing belt I might as well replace it with a new one.  Bentley manual suggest
> using the crank locking tool in between the front engine mount and the crank
> pulley.  Since this specialty tool is not available at my neighbor hood parts
> store does any one have the tool for rent. Could I just lock the diffs, put
> the car in gear, hold the brakes on and use a impact driver to remove crank
> pulley or a long breaker bar and a floor jack to break the crank bolt loose ?
> Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thank you.