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4kcsq T-belt?

Water pump on my '86 4kcsq is on its way out.  Since I will be that close to
timing belt I might as well replace it with a new one.  Bentley manual suggest
using the crank locking tool in between the front engine mount and the crank
pulley.  Since this specialty tool is not available at my neighbor hood parts
store does any one have the tool for rent. Could I just lock the diffs, put
the car in gear, hold the brakes on and use a impact driver to remove crank
pulley or a long breaker bar and a floor jack to break the crank bolt loose ?
Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thank you.
Ira T. Deere
'82 Rabbit truck
'86 4kcsq
'88 16v Scirocco
'92 Corrado SLC sold