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RE: Ur-Q engine mod questions...

    FIrst of all, I just want to make sure you are not using the stock
motor.  I ASSUME you are doing this to an MC you plan to drop in there.
I cant see going to all that trouble with the stock motor.  I would go
with 2.5 liters and High boost with the RS-2 Turbo.  Might as well make
good use of the turbo.  If you had a k24 I may think that the High
Compression/Low Boost would work good for a daily driver (works for some
Porsche Tuners)  but for maximum fun or speed i would keep RS-2 and go
with like 8.0:1 on the MC motor (I think stock is 7.8:1 on early MC and
8.4?? on later ones).  This should be safe up to about 2.2 or 2.5 bar
with FI mods.  2.0 is all stock CIS can handle though.
    I plan to lighten the flywheel on my 4kq MC when I do it.  I want it
down around 13 lbs I think.  OFr a daily dricver I think 16 or so is
better like the later MC motors had.  L8R